Free Conference Calling Rates

Free 0¢ per minute to dial in from our specified Free Toll Access Number From USA & Canada.

Only 1.5¢ per minute to dial in from one of our many International & USA Local Access Numbers.

Only 1.9¢ per minute to dial in using our 800 Toll Free Access Number.

No Contracts, No Minimums, No Fees. Risk Free satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

Note: Dialing an 800 Toll Free or a Local Access Number from your city/state maybe cheaper for you and your participants, rather than dialing long distance.

Conference Call Price Comparison:

Save over 70% over

Intercall, Free Conference,, & AT&T Audio 800 Conference Call Services.

Toll Free 800 Conference Rate as of 2/21/12









International dial in access.

Only 1.5¢ per minute when using our International Access Numbers.

We recognize that you may do business conferencing on a world-wide basis. So we have close to the lowest rates worldwide for conducting or participating in audio conference calls from most countries. To see a list of the countries we provide international access, click here.

International dial out.

Please check the rates below. Just select the country you will be dialing out to for a conference call, and you will see the rate that is offered when using the dial out feature.

Select Country:  

Featured Rates

*800 Toll Free Dial In 1.90¢/minute
*International Toll Dial In 1.50¢/minute
*Toll Dial In 1.50¢/minute
Canada 2.70¢/minute
France 3.70¢/minute
Germany 3.70¢/minute
Japan 6.20¢/minute
UK 3.70¢/minute

Note: If you are on a conference call with 3 participants, each of whom reside in the USA (for example) the cost per minute is 2.7¢ times three (because there are 3 participants) or 8.1¢ per minute.

Recording: When choosing to record your conference call you will be charged 5 ¢/min.