11/30/2011 1:46 PM

Business meetings can be complete disasters if not properly prepared. A meeting needs to have an agenda to ensure a discussion stays on topic. The need to be organized increases immensely if a business plans on conference calling. Below are tips that help a business prepare and manage conference calling.

Planning an Efficient Meeting

Planning conference calling is similar to planning a meeting in person. Before scheduling a conference call, the business should be sure conference calling is necessary. It is also necessary to set an agenda for a conference call, which helps the conversation stay on topic. The other participants of the conference call should be aware of the agenda. After an agenda is determined, decide whether the meeting should be on the phone or if it would be better in person.

If it has been decided to conduct conference calling, make sure the necessary material and information is circulated to all those concerned. In addition, make sure all participants are notified of the time and date of the conference call.

Managing conference calling

It is essential for conference calling to be chaired by one person. This person is responsible for keeping the conversation on track. The chairperson for a conference calling also ensures that every participant has a chance to speak.

It is also important for a conference call to begin and end on time. In case the meeting does not achieve all of its intended goals, another conference call should be scheduled for a later time. Choosing a reliable audio conference calling company like Conference Worldwide ensures conference calling is efficient.

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