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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I make or start a conference call?

A: Give participants their access number and the Conference Code before the scheduled conference time. Participants do not receive the Security Code, only the Moderator starting the call needs the security code.

To begin the call, dial the Free Toll #, 800 Toll-Free, Local or International Access Number provided which is best suited from your area.

If you are the first person on the call (the moderator), you will be asked to enter the Conference Code and the Security Code (3 digits). The Participants only enter the conference code to join the call.

Q: What equipment do I need to make a conference call?

A: In order to make a conference call, you simply need a touch tone phone. Teleconferencing is easy because we provide toll-free or toll dial-in number for you and your participants. Once you dial into the conferencing bridge using the conference access number, you enter your unique pass code and our technology connects you with all of your participants.

Q: How do I record a conference call?

A: Only the moderator can initialize the recording option. To start recording your conference call you can either by push *87 on your phone or go to the web site in the conference room and select the start recording button. Once you start the recording a prompt will come on telling you that your recording has been initialized.

If a participant joins the call after the recording has begun a prompt will play to the participant prior to being bridged into the call that recording is in progress. When you are ready to end your recording you can either push *88 on your phone or go to the conference room and select end recording.

A charge of 5¢/min will be charged to your account for every minute the call was recorded.

Q: How do I listen to the recording?

A: You will need to go to your call detail and look up the call you recorded. On the right side of that call detail you will see an icon that looks like a mike; click on that icon and your recording will begin.

Q: How long is the recording available?

A: All recordings are available 24 hrs a day; for 30 days from the recording timestamp.

Q: How do I back up a recording?

A: You can easily back up all recordings to your computer if you should feel you need to refer to them at a later date.

Q: How will I know how much I've been charged for recording a conference call?

A: Go to your call detail and look up the call you recorded; one of the legs of the call will be labeled as recording and will give you the time duration and costs for the recorded portion of the call.

Q: What happens if someone calls into the conference prior to the host/moderator?

A: If some calls into the conference call prior to the host/moderator, they will be put in a waiting room until the host /moderator joins the call or they choose to hang up. While in the waiting room that participant's costs will be deducted from the host's account.

Q: It says I'm running low on conference time and I need to recharge my account. What do I do?

A: You can add funds to your account with a major credit card. Clicking on the recharge account link on the My Account page will open a new window which will walk you through the account recharge process. It will give you the choice of making a one-time manual recharge or setting up auto recharge. If you choose the auto recharge option, your account will automatically recharge with no interruption by the host. The "in-call" recharge process works the same as the normal recharge. This process allows the host to stay in the conference room while recharging the account.

Q: Can I set up my account to automatically add funds to my account?

A: Yes, within the Manage My Account option, you can set up your account to automatically add additional funds to your account whenever your balance dips below a specified amount. By default, this is set up to add $25 to your account whenever your real-time balance dips below $10. However, you can change this to any amount that makes sense for your business.

Q: How much can I recharge my account for?

A: In order to minimize the possibility of fraudulent usage, we have limited the maximum recharge amount to $500.

Q: How do I connect with someone who is outside of the US?

A: Our Conference service allows you to dial out to connect someone who is located outside of the US. Or International participants can simply call in on one of our International Local Access numbers, or they can call into a USA local # from abroad.

Q: How do I mute a user?

A: Dial *56 to Mute/Un-Mute ALL Participants on the call.

Q: How do I unmute a user?

A: To unmute, just press *56 again.

Q: Can a participant mute their connection?

A: Pressing *99 will mute or unmute their own connections. However, if the host has muted the conference, *99 will not override the conference mute.

Q: How can I call out to a participant who has not called in?

A: Dial *55 to Add a Participant

Once you have started your audio conference, you can add another participant by dialing *55. You will be connected to our automated system and temporarily removed from your conference call. The automated system will prompt you to enter the phone number of the new participant; once you are connected, you will be able to speak directly to the participant in a private conversation.

Press *1 to add the new participant and return to the conference call. Or Press *2 to return to the conference call without adding the new participant.

Q: How do I lock a conference so no more participants can join the call?

A: Dial *54 to Lock/Unlock Conference Room. This option is available after the first participant joins the call. If you lock the call, no additional participants will be able to join; instead, they will hear a message indicating that the room has been locked. To unlock, just press *54 again.